Find KVGD-LP online at & KVGD-LP 100.1 FM is a Pacifica Network affiliate member station in Goldendale, Washington and affiliate of Native Voice One. Frequency: 100.1 FM Licensee: Community Enrichment for Klickitat County, (operated by KVGD-LP Goldendale Community Radio)

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KVGD-LP/100.1 FM 514 S. Columbus, Ste. 7,
Goldendale, WA 98620
Ph: 509-773-0645

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Underwriting with KVGD-LP FM, Goldendale Community Radio

We are a non-commercial, educational, community radio station that relies upon the hard work of our volunteers and the support of local businesses and individual donations. As a low power radio station, our listening area covers the Greater Goldendale-Centerville Valley area, The Simcoe Highlands, Wahkiakus Heights & Fisher Hill near Appleton and points in between. The station's mission is to serve those in the community who are underrepresented by other media sources.

Underwriting provides critical financial support for programming and station operations. KVGD can identify and thank individuals and organizations who make our station and its broadcasts possible in the form of underwriting announcements. To find out more about underwriting a show, please email kvgd (at) kvgd (dot) info and ask for our underwriting information packet.

We are supported by underwriting announcements and outright donations. KVGD's fiscal agent and parent organization is Community Enrichment for Klickitat County (CEKC), a registered Washington State nonprofit organization.

Programming is diverse and features news and commentary on local, regional, state and world events. KVGD produces regular features including radio series that highlight local history, civics, politics, education, arts, literature, theater of the mind, and a wide variety of music genres and styles.

KVGD is home to Indigenous programming including shows available through affiliation with Native Voice One and the Pacifica Network. Storytime has been featured weekdays at after school times. Goldendale School District students often can be heard live on Friday mornings at 9 AM.

Monthly program guides including a schedule and descriptions of KVGD programs are available online.

Underwriting Policy

Each Underwriting Announcement follows this general format: “Underwriting for [program name or “Goldendale Community Radio”] is provided by [Underwriter], [information about the underwriter], located at [place where underwriter is found]. For more information, please [visit/call] [web address/phone]. We thank you for your continued support.”

Underwriting contributions do not constitute tax deductible donations as a business or organization receives in kind value from the underwriting announcement that airs on KVGD-LP.

Underwriting Announcements will be read or played on air by KVGD Programmers and Local Hosts.

Underwriting Announcements may contain factual information about the underwriter, including location, product name and description of services. A contact phone number and/or web address is allowed. However, Underwriting Announcements may not contain: comparative statements (e.g. best, biggest, etc.); qualitative statements of a subjective nature referring to an evaluation of quality (e.g. fine, great, rich, super-duper, etc.); nor may it contain any price information (or any monetary value including "free"). Enticements to purchase products or services are disallowed, as are endorsements of any political cause or candidate.

KVGD reserves the right to reject announcements that are inconsistent with KVGD standards and FCC regulations.