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Goldendale's Garden Girl Show - Half-Hour on Gardening in Goldendale every two weeks. Coming Soon!

Bluelight to Pucker Huddle Audio Project recording sessions by appointment. Contact kvgd (at) kvgd (dot) info. Contributing authors are asked to provide permission to use their chapters in the audio series of 24, 30-minute programs based on the book published by Friends of the Goldendale Library in 2005. This project supported in part by a Klickitat County Historical Preservation grant.

August Final Friday Canceled! Final Friday Open Mic on the last Friday each month from 6PM-8PM. Next event is Friday, Sep. 25. Co-hosted by KVGD-LP Goldendale Community Radio with The Weavers’ Studio. Features poems, stories, songs & more. Public welcome. Sign-up for turn at the mic on arrival. Call 773-4613 for info.

Current Vox Populi
Playlist for Vox Populi

Dark Skies Playlist with the Belle of Blockhouse
More information on the playlist

Blues At The Breakfast Bar with the Belle of Blockhouse
More information on the playlist

The latest Crop Progress and Condition Report for Counties in Washington and Oregon
Weekly Crop Progress and Conditions Reports for Central and Eastern Washington and Northern Oregon Counties
Updated weekly through the growing season. For more information see

Sonic ID Sampler:

The Hunting of the Snark by Lewis Carroll performed by the Goldendale Community Radio Players

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Submit your event news and announcements to the Goldendale LPFM Radio Project

KVGD-LP Radio Project PSA Submission Form / KVGD-LP audio file upload form

In your PSA, please include: Type of Event (General Announcement, Meeting, etc.) Tell us who is the primary organizer: Individuals, Business, Non-Profit, Government, Community Group, or Other. Specifically, please provide your name, group name (if applicable) and a way to contact you. What are you announcing? If it is for an event, please give us the date and time, as well as the location, if applicable. Please include street address or cross streets. Include any additional information and details to get your message across.

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Here’s how you can take part:

1. Download and print the postcard below. To download, right-click the postcard, and then select save as. Save the image, and then print it.

2. With a marker, fill in the blank: Public Radio Teaches Me_________. Tell us what you’ve learned from public radio.

3. Take a picture of yourself with the postcard.

4. Then, send your new picture to kvgd (at) kvgd (dot) info. Give your name, zip code, and state what public radio has taught, you and why it is important.

You can also share your photos on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #CommunityRadio

We’re going to pick entries to feature on our blog.

We hope you’ll join us in honoring how public radio stations work to make us more informed, and how it can teach kids and adults new skills every day.

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