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Friends of the Goldendale Library are sponsoring a workshop on "Community Radio Theater" with Jim Tindall, scheduled for Saturday, February 28th from 11 to 1pm in the Camplan Room of the Goldendale Public Library. Free and open to the public.

Vox Populi Evening Radio Recording Sessions during February by request. Easy to schedule your recording time in Goldendale. Email us at kvgd (at) kvgd (dot) org.

Final Friday Open Mic Night scheduled for Friday, February 27, 6PM, at the Weavers' Studio next door to Car Quest. Open to the public. Sign up upon arrival for a turn at the mic.

The Friends of the Goldendale Library is the sponsor of a series of six media workshops which began in the Spring of 2014 and continues in Spring 2015! Thank you, Friends!

Burns Night Tribute - January 25th with the Belle of Blockhouse
More information on the playlist

Blues At The Breakfast Bar with the Belle of Blockhouse
More information on the playlist

What's Low Power FM?
The latest Crop Progress and Condition Report for Counties in Washington and Oregon
Weekly Crop Progress and Conditions Reports for Central and Eastern Washington and Northern Oregon Counties Ended in November - Here is Klickitat County's for Week Ending 11/30/14
Updated weekly through the growing season. For more information see

Plaid Sham Live at Windy Ridge on Dec. 26, 2014
Celtic Music by
Oliver Lewis - Guitar
Isaac Lewis - Vocals
Andrew Wall - Guitar & Piano
Play List of Christmas Carols: We Wish You A Merry Christmas, Good King Wenceslaus, Drive The Cold Winter (17th Century), Irish Toast, Gloucestershire Wassail, The Sans Day Carol, Silent Night

Christmas Podcast & Christmas Cast Show Notes
The Hunting of the Snark by Lewis Carroll performed by the Goldendale Community Radio Players

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About Goldendale Community Radio Meet Your LPFM Neighbors

Community Radio is somewhat like how Mario Cuomo thought of America: "...a bickering, diverse family in which each member nonetheless workedfor the enterprise and all were in it together...."

Ric Frye
Media production partner and audio technician, Ric Frye furthers the cause of community radio in Goldendale by contributing his time and technical talents in recording media and promoting the station's internet footprint through webmastery.

Mike Jacobs
I grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and landed in the Tri-Cities, Washington during my radio career. After finishing school, I worked as a chef and disc jockey before settling on the automobile business for 27 years. After I retired, I decided to move back to the Pacific Northwest. I have lived in Goldendale since June, 2011, having moved here from the Gulf Coast of Florida via Memphis.

Mike Jacobs spoke confidently into the mic during a promo recording session in The Camplan Room of the Goldendale Library on the evening of Thursday, August 28, 2014. "My name is Mike Jacobs and I support community radio because it is all about you." Probably unbeknown to him, his words echoed the headline of an article on social change titled Roots, Radio and Social Change: Why Low Power FM Radio is about YOU by Betty Yu that appeared in October 2013 on published at the time that the FCC opened a long awaited application window for community groups to apply for low power FM radio construction permits around the country.

Deborah Heart aka The Heart of the Night
Having arrived in Goldendale just prior to KLCK's innaugural broadcast, my sense of community is integral to listening to the local radio station. In fact, I was introduced to the community at large via an on-air interview with Kevin Malcolm. I remember dressing carefully, complete with make-up, in order to make a good impression. For those of you who know, Kevin is sight impaired and, remember, I was on the radio! A couple of years later, I was on air myself, initially as the evening DJ, then as the morning newscaster. In addition, I sold advertising which I then wrote and produced. The experiences offered by being a part of a local, small market AM radio station has fueled my excitement for this project. I envision it being a perpetual inspiration for generations of Goldendalians to express themselves in myriad ways.

Kathy O'Brennan
Radio in general is a more private experience than other media. There is a voice or a song that seems to be aimed just at me. With video comes the eye contact that I know is not really eye contact, but that's not an issue with radio. Community radio is even more individualized. I may already know the person who is presenting the conversation or music; if I don't, the presentation itself allows us to get acquainted. There's some vulnerability along with the showmanship; I appreciate that. And the content is so much more likely to interest me and inform me and highlight issues and events that are or will be important to me. These are my neighbors, after all. We have the same weather, the same local government, the same schools and churches and shops and restaurants and newspaper and cable TV. This stuff matters to me. And community radio is the best way to hear about it.

Cory Eberhart
Media production partner helping to bring you agricultural news segments and Crop Reports for the Goldendale-Centerville Valley area of Klickitat County, and beyond.

Late in the summer of 2013, I heard an NPR Weekend Edition radio report on a Germantown, Philadelphia internet signal that was planning to apply for an LPFM license in October. What a great idea! We should do something like that here.

That’s how the conversation started and some meetings were set to see if there was any interest, and as it seems to be turning out, there is interest and volunteers with considerable talent have shown up to take part in the process.

The first big hurdle was to find an umbrella non-profit organization that would serve as the applicant for the LPFM. What began as Goldendale Horizons about five years ago developed into a the group called Community Enrichment for Klickitat County which gave assurance that it would step into the applicant role.

KLCK on the AM dial has their tower on West Broadway. John Kusky of C&N Cable approached them about using that structure for the FM antenna. That seemed to work out as well. John and Nancy Kusky offered their building address downtown for a broadcast studio. These three pieces: 1) the non-profit applicant; 2) the antenna location; and 3) the station location must be stated on the FCC’s application form. The application also required a detailed description of the organization’s educational goal, and how the proposed station will further that goal. Proposed programming and a weekly broadcast schedule were encouraged but not required to be included with the application.

LPFM stations are required to broadcast a minimum of 36 hours per week. LPFM stations are meant to be a local effort, produced by local participants, broadcasting hyper-local news. Some have called them “Amateur Night at the Bijou”. That’s not only okay, it’s kind of the whole thing in a nutshell. - Cory Eberhart

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